Interface Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1982 as a value added reseller representing several technology manufacturers. The company created and assembled a package shipping meter for Federal Express. The company produced a commercial software package labeled B*Link. B*Link included a HP wand, and our bar code reader software. In 1987 the company transition to a systems consulting services, providing expertise to clients such as; Airborne, United Parcel Services, Citi Corp, United States Postal Service, and a host of smaller enterprises. In 1988 the company conceived, developed and market SARA, a PC based system for the long term care industry that automated axillary supplies management and Medicare billing. In 1992 the company introduced Software Tools for Call Center Management. This suite of software tools included staff planning and scheduling, and call quality assessment and scoring. From 1994 through 2007 the company focused on executive management consulting services, plus systems engineering and custom business software development. In 2009 ISI launched a startup incubator service providing executive and IT professional staff in exchange for equity. In 2010 ISI expanded the service concept to include providing executive, IT and project management professional staff consulting and contract to a broader market. Starting in 2015 ISI launched a executive and professional contract and consulting service membership organization service that brokers talent to the broad market with more flexibility and lower cost than existing services.